All Star Teakwondo and Fitness is OPEN!

Offering OUTDOOR and VIRTUAL classes for all belt ranks beginner through black belt.

**Starting Next Week, August 3rd, 2020 on Monday**

We will institute a HYBRID Program with all types of classes – INDOORS, OUTDOORS and Virtual Classes. We want to offer the maximum amount of classes to all students and families within our capabilities and guidelines allowed. Master Ed will post the Daily/Weekly Schedule.

OUTDOOR classes will always be considerd a first option, weather permitting.

INDOOR classes will be offered if OUTDOOR Classes are Cancelled. “Sign-ups”/”Check-INs” are required with a text to Master Ed with class availability. [Master Ed’s cell (973) 943-9046]

VIRTUAL classes will be offered with ALL classes. Classes will be videoed on ZOOM to participate for any reason unable to attend “In person” sessions or parents just wanting to observe.


We have been instructed and advised that it was okay to have indoor classes at selected times with strong safety guidelines by the local and state health departments, in addition to guidelines added to comply with our program.

  •  “Building Capacity” at 25%. Taking into account wall enclosures and space, for us it means indoor classes must NOT exceed 10 students or more per class. The building occupancy may NOT exceed more than 25 persons within the total 3 floors of the building within approximately 2400 total square footage.

  •  ALL students participating during “In Person” classes must sign a Waiver and Release form to be eligible to partake in class sessions.

  •  The INDOOR Class Schedule for now will be the similar to the OUTDOOR Class Schedule. Classes are still according to belt ranks to limit student capacity. Class times are scattered to allow cleaning and disinfecting between classes, as well as to ease contact between families and the traffic in Drop Offs and Pick Ups.

  •  Students will have their temperatures checked upon entering the building. Masks/Face coverings must be worn at all times, even during classes, unless safety or health conditions are at risk. Students will be lined up and placed on markers 6 feet apart during classes. Hand sanitizer and Disinfecting Wipes will be available throughout the school.

  •  We will have to institute a “Sign Up” system for classes so as not to overcrowd them – Probably just a simple text to Master Ed for permission and confirm space attending classes. [Master Ed’s cell (973)943-9046]

  • Parents can NO longer wait in the waiting area. ONLY Drop off’s and Pick up’s will be allowed or Parents may Wait in their car – Unless instructed by Master Ed to stay indoors for class related reasons.


We are happy to now be offering outdoor taekwondo classes for all skill levels!

  • Tents are provided for shade and comfort.
  • Social distancing between students.
  • Mats are sanitized between each class for your safety.
  • Hand sanitizer available.
  • Classes located at the far end of the dojang parking lot.


We will continue to offer online virtual taekwondo classes by broadcasting our live outdoor classes via Zoom.

We understand the importance and emphasis on all these new protocols and saftey guidelines. We are all about the saftey and health of all the students and families first and foremost. It will be understood if a student or family chooses not to participate with “In Person” classes offered (OUTDOOR/INDOOR) at this present time. Which is why ALL the Options of our HYBRID Program is Offered. Please always know…We will always value lives over anything else.

Outdoor indoor class participants can view and print our waiver HERE. Waivers will also be available at each class.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding this post please contact Master Ed! Thank you.

See you guys soon in the Dojang!~Master Ed and Staff