Adults (15+ Years)

Adults (15 years old and up). Adult Taekwondo classes provide exercise, weight control, stress management, Martial Arts training, and self-defense. While our classes aim to be physically challenging, students are able to participate to their individual fitness and skill level. Among the many benefits of Taekwondo are increased cardiovascular fitness as increases in strength, agility, flexibility, and endurance. In addition, students learn valuable skills such as self defense and focus. Students of all ages enjoy a sense of community, and because we offer both adult and children’s classes, Taekwondo becomes a family activity.

As you advance in skill, you earn higher belts. Taekwondo belt ranking promotes both short and long term goals for students to guide learning and foster accomplishments. In addition, more advanced students are encouraged to help teach and guide younger students, which teaches leadership and strengthens our Taekwondo community.