Children (5 – 13 Years)

Children Classes (Beginners – Advanced): Taekwondo classes for children from 5 years old to 13* years old. Classes focus on exercise, self-defense, self-confidence, and discipline.

Our children’s taekwondo classes provide kids of all ages and abilities with a fun and educational introduction to martial arts training. Our children’s classes teach basic taekwondo principles, focusing on keeping kids active both physically and mentally. Taekwondo promotes movement and fitness, helping children to improve coordination, strength, and agility. In addition to physical fitness, children’s martial arts classes teach discipline, teamwork, leadership, respect, and self confidence.

Our program grows with your child. As students advance, they earn higher belts. Taekwondo belt testing promotes both short and long term goals for students to guide learning and foster accomplishments. In addition, more advanced students are encouraged to help teach and guide younger students, which teaches leadership and strengthens our Taekwondo community.


There are two levels of children’s classes. Children 5 – 8 and Juniors 7-15. Children are advanced based on age and maturity level, but each class welcomes all belt levels.